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The UAE Government launched the Emiratisation (Tawteen in Arabic) campaign which mandates the inclusion of Emiratis in the job sector, particularly in the private sector. Emiratisation aims to increase the number of Emiratis in the job market and their contribution to the economy.
“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” considers Emiratisation as one of the key services. At “ADIV HR”, we have worked on some of the niche positions available in the market for Emiratisation. Our experience and expertise in working on these positions guarantee our clients a perfect go-to candidate’s database, thereby helping them find the suitable candidate without wasting any time hunting for them in the market.

A few of the Emiratization positions we worked on includes, but not limited to, Knowledge Management Manager, Chief Financial Officer, IT Director, Network Engineers, Deputy Procurement Director, Deputy Engineering Director, O&M Manager, Hyperion Specialist, IFRS Technical Accountant, Environmental Advisor, Head of Asset Management, Purchasing Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Project Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Engineers with MBA background, Warehouse Manager, Soft Services Manager, Head of Internal Audit, Corporate Communications Director, Communications Manager, Director Legal, Legal Advisor, Senior Legal Counsel, Employee Relations Specialist, Commercial Finance, Economist, Financial & Economic Analyst, Fund Manager, Network Technician, System Maintenance Technician, HR Policies & Procedures, Talent Manager, Head of HR, Recruitment Specialist, International Commercial Sales Manager, VIP Client Analyst, Secretaries, Executive Assistants and so on.

Executive search consulting

We solve the hardest work and clear the assignments that involve filling the positions for senior- level executives, board directors, and so on. The impact of success or failure is mostly dependent on these kinds of assignments. We assist our clients with our specialized services in executive search consulting. “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” leverages the high-quality human resources in the GCC and we provide both contingent and retained executive search services. We also have our share of experience and expertise in successfully completing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) modeled services.


The larger the employee count, the larger the success rate in an organization. Our expansion of these outsourcing techniques will provide you high-level HR services to the organization. All the crucial HR functionalities will be taken care of and also we help you in bringing cutting-edge human resource strategies. “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” dedicates the time to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Corporate social responsibility

As a part of our business model, we incorporate the social responsibility service and also we make sure that the business monitors itself and adheres to all the legal, ethical, environmental, and international standards across its operations. As part of our responsibility, we also help fresh U.A.E. National graduates get a suitable job.


We also make outplacement services by bringing forth a terminated employee to the table. This includes the acquisition of a new job for that employee and thereby we bring the benefits for both the employee and the employer. With “ADIV Human resources consultancy services”, you can land your next job as fast as possible.

HR Consultancy

“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” is onboarded with an expert team that holds increased corporate experience. Our process of mapping the talented champs to the right place will help the job seekers to reach the people on the beam. Our team will analyze the gaps and loopholes in the service module and adding to the note, we have an expert team to closely monitor the recent trends and updates to stay connected with the multiform ties. The service techniques that we use to measure the success criteria have proved to convert the whole tiring process into a piece of cake.

Head hunting assignments

“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” works by doing deep research and understanding of all the individual industries and the related job posts. We focus on our prime motive to map the skilled people to a place where they can upskill themselves. We have a team of experts who are talented at analyzing good job profiles, and at the same time identifying the skills in others. With the utmost passion, drive, and persistence, we bring together talented people by indulging all the people skills effectively.

Our existence in the market for more than 10 years makes it easier to reach the ideal candidates through our One-to-one networking system. To top this up, we also have consultants who carry over 16 years of experience in the U.A.E. market, making them veterans in this business.

Research and surveys

“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” seeks the survey research system and aims to gather the information that helps to make the right decisions for all the functional areas and to enhance the organization by filling the positions with the right people. Our research process involves some of the practices that provide an understanding of what will work, what will not work, the things that need a change, the nature and the extent of the change that the work is intended to.
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